Directed by Martin Rodriguez Redondo

2018, Argentina, Chile, 80 min, Spanish with English subtitles

Skype Q&A with director Martin Rodriguez Redondo. Reception following the screening.

December 12 · 6:00 pm

NY Premiere

Queen of Lapa

Directed by Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat

2019, Brazil, 73 min, Portuguese with English Subtitles

Q&A and reception with directors Theodore Collatos and Carolina Monnerat. Moderated by Fabio Andrade.

December 4 · 7:00 pm

The Center

The Still Life of Harley Prosper

Directed by Juan Manuel Sepulveda

2018, Mexico, Canada, 65 min, English

Q&A with director Juan Manuel Sepulveda. Moderated by Lindsey Cordero and Armando Croda.

September 22 · 7:30 pm

US Premiere


Directed by Alexandre Moratto

2018, Brazil, 71 min, Portuguese with English subtitles

Q&A and reception with producer Ramin Bahrani.

July 31 · 7:00 pm

NYC Premiere

We the Stones

Directed by Alvaro Torres Crespo

2017, Mexico, Costa Rica, 74 min, In Spanish with English subtitles

Q&A and reception with producer Ramin Bahrani.

May 9 · 6:00 pm

NYC Premiere

Narrative Shorts Program

Directed by Hector Silva, Diego Cespedes, Victoria Rivera, Denise Kelm

Q&A with director Victoria Rivera. Moderated by Manuel Betancourt.

February 28 ·

NYC Premiere

Birds of Passage

Directed by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra

2018, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, 125 min, Wayuunaiki, Spanish, and English with English subtitles

Q&A with director Cristina Gallego. Moderated by Monica Castillo.

February 7 · 7:30 pm

NYC Premiere

Rush Hour

Directed by Luciana Kaplan

2017, Mexico, United States, Turkey, 83 min, In Spanish, English, and Turkish with English and Spanish subtitles

Q&A with director Luciana Kaplan. Moderated by Ana Dopico.

November 30 · 7:00 pm

NYC Premiere