The Still Life of Harley Prosper

The Still Life of Harley Prosper — Poster — Latin Reel

September 22 · 7:30 pm

US Premiere

Directed by Juan Manuel Sepulveda

2018, Mexico, Canada, 65 min, English

Q&A with director Juan Manuel Sepulveda. Moderated by Lindsey Cordero and Armando Croda.

As a child, Harley Prosper was appointed to become the traditional healer of his community, a Cree village in the plains of central Canada. When he grew up, Harley rejected his responsibility and ran away to Vancouver where he sunk into an abyss of alcoholism, defying the Spirit who had chosen him. Now in his early 30s and confined in a hospice for the terminally ill, the film follows Harley’s daily ritual as he confronts the inner voices that constantly remind him that it is impossible to escape his destiny. And even less so, his history.

This event is co-presented with UNIONDOCS.

Sunday, September 22, 7:30 pm

322 Union Ave,
Brooklyn, NY, 11211.